Art Portfolio of Charlie Morrow

Character Art
Pixel Art
Concept Art
Casual Game Art
- YoWorld
- SuperSpin Slots
- Monsters & Dungeons
- H.O. Game Art
- UI Art
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Trade: Digital Artist/designer
Field: Video Games (I've worked on titles for Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, Android, & Facebook)
Professional experience: 8 years
Companies worked for: Big Viking Games, Vast Studios, Orbital Media/Games Cafe
Current work status: Between jobs, working on my portfolio
Big Viking Games (Dec 2013 - Oct 2016)
YoWorld (Jul 2014 - Oct 2016)
-Art lead (lead artist and supervisor of decor art team)
-Background and decor art
As lead:
-Art test creation/management, portfolio reviews, applicant short-listing, art test submission review/approval, interviews (Skype & in-person), interview documentation (Jazz/Resumator), Artist onboarding & art direction, theme planning, tasking (Trello), art approval & revisions
SuperSpin Slots (Feb 2014 - Jul 2014)
-Senior artist
-Reel theme planning, concept, and design
-Background, character, and (some) UI art
Monsters & Dungeons (Dec 2013 - Oct 2016)
-Senior artist
-Background art (Photoshop)
-Background art exporting (Flash)
-Background art design
Vast Studios (Jan 2012 - July 2013)
Dream of Ruin (Jun 2013 - Jul 2013)
-Background art
Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone (Apr 2013 - Jul 2013)
-Background art
-Puzzle art
-Hidden object screens
-Hidden interaction screens
-Navigation screens
Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak  - Collector's Edition (Nov 2012 - May 2013)
-Background art
-Puzzle art
-Hidden object screens
-Hidden interaction screens
-Navigation screens
-Minor UI elements
Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death - Collector's Edition (Jul 2012 - Nov 2012)
-Background art
-Puzzle art
-Hidden object screens
-Hidden interaction screens
-Navigation screens
Time Relics: Gears of Light (Apr 2012 - Jul 2012)
-Background art
-Puzzle art
-Creation of hidden object screens
Shattered Minds: Encore (Jan 2012 - May 2012)
-Background art
-Puzzle art
-Creation of hidden object screens
Orbital Media/Games Cafe (Dec 2003 - Apr 2007)
(*Note: apart from the art and design work that I did for these projects, I also took part in extensive play testing and bug testing for all the titles list here.)
Scurge:Hive (IGN)
-2D isometric action title for Nintendo GBA and DS, released
-Character, enemy, miscellaneous object, and effect sprites
-Creation of art used for a Scurge advertisement which appeared in magazines including Nintendo Power, Play, and Pocket Games.
-An illustration of mine depicting Scurge protagonist Jenosa Arma was featured in Play Magazine's Girls of Gaming: 4 (page14).
Juka: And the Monophinic Menace (IGN)
-2D isometric childrens' adventure title for Nintendo GBA, released
-Created (or recreated/reworked) all character, enemy, miscellaneous object, and effect sprites for this game.
-Created (or recreated) all cut-scene art, maps, character portraits and many interface elements.
Pirate Battle (IGN)
-2D top down/side scrolling strategy RPG title for Nintendo GBA, unreleased
-As new lead designer for this game I overhauled all original designs. Created all characters (story and design), locations, systems, story elements, items, etc. Unfortunately unavailable to the public due to the title's unreleased status.
-I Also took over lead sprite work for Pirate battle and created (or overhauled) all character, enemy, item, weapon, and effect sprites. This also entailed exclusive creative control over battle animations in which I utilized a program similar to Flash in order to animated stationary and animated sprites and graphical elements to depict the attacks/techniques of the characters in battle.
Racing Gears Advance (IGN)
-2D Isometric racing title for Nintendo GBA, released
-*I was not involved in the development of this game but took part in extensive testing/bug testing.
Mahjomino (Bigfish Games)
-Mah-jong/Domino puzzle game for PC and Mac, released
-Theme concepts.
-Background and artifact graphics.

-Created (or overhauled) all particle effects.
Word Web (Bigfish Games)
-Spelling/puzzle game for PC and Mac, released
-Minor animations and all particle effects.
Jewel Trap
-Matching/puzzle game for PC and Mac, unreleased
-Theme concepting.
-Creation of background, game board, game pieces, and effect graphics.
-Particle effects.
-*development of Jewel Trap was discontinued with the departure of the game's designer.
Games Cafe Avatar System (, Avatar maker)
-Avatar system for users of the Games Cafe website and games.
-Creation of character, clothing, item, interface art and design for this application.
-Planning and structure of this app was created by me and passed on to a coworker who then constructed the avatar creator in Flash.


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